Turn your domains into money-making machine with pSEO

Create and publish 1000s of Programmatic SEO pages with AI.


How it works?

Creating programmatic SEO pages is now easy


Upload your datasets

Import a CSV, excel or a JSON data file for your niche or use our ready-to-go niche datasets


Create your page template

Design your custom page content with variables and AI, group data fields, create interlinks or use our ready-made templates.


Publish content

Publish or schedule content directly to your CMS or use our managed hosting for your programmatic SEO pages.

Convert any data into unique publishable web pages for your site

Using GravityBlogs, you can create 1000s or even 100000s of programmatic SEO web pages from your niche datasets and publish them directly to your CMS.

Programmatic SEO

Ready-made Datasets

Template customization

Bulk page generation

Enterprise scaling


Create, Manage, Ship

Create Bulk Pages with AI editor

Creating bulk pages with GravityBlogs is so easy. After uploading your datasets, you can dynamically populate your fields within our text editor.

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Notion-like AI text editor

Familiar with notion? Our text editor is built like Notion with all its feature so you can easily write your content template.

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Inbuilt AI support

Our text editor has inbuilt AI support so you can quickly generate content or images for your site.

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Dynamic interlinking

You can group your data to create automated internal links for passing link juice and faster SERP indexing.

Growth unlocked

Boost your ranking and drive more traffic with GravityBlogs

Programmatic SEO has been proven to increase SERP ranking and traffic hence directly boosting your overall revenue. Now you can benefit from all that with our all-in-one suite for building programmatic SEO pages at scale.

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Up to


SERP Visibility




Revenue boost

Speed got



More than



From zero to a full site

Everything you need to create a fully dynamic site

Dynamic content, page generation, grouping data fields, auto interlinking, GravityBlogs got everything you need to build your next niche site using Programmatic SEO.

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No coding skills required

Don't know how to code? No worries.

Get started in a minute

It's more easier than making a coffee.

Custom integrations

Connect your custom CMS or API.

Integrations you will love

Connect with any CMS or third-party app

We have deep integration with CMS like WordPress, Bubble, and Webflow, along with the Shopify e-commerce platform and Notion. We are compatible with Zapier allowing you to connect with 5,000+ apps. You can create customized automation workflows tailored to your specific business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

GravityBlogs is a programmatic SEO automation software that utilizes AI to generate 1000s or even 100000s of programmatic SEO pages. It allows you to connect any number of domains and create programmatic SEO websites from your niche datasets. You can also connect your existing website and publish programmatic SEO pages directly to your website.

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